Not everyone knows the difference between an ecommerce site and an online marketplace. Both are websites, which sell products to customers, but there is one key difference: an ecommerce website deals in one business’s product(s).
Does that mean, an online marketplace is not an ecommerce website? No, but a big name store’s website that sells its own products is no marketplace.
Having operated this website for a while now, we realize that not many know the aforesaid difference. Ecommerce is an umbrella term encompassing more forms of businesses than one. Ecommerce can refer to more than one thing; besides a website, the term also refers to commercial transactions done over the web.
If there is any commercial transaction occurring over your website, then it can be regarded as an ecommerce site. Through this site, we intend to bring you more information about what is going on in the world of ecommerce.
Here, there are many helpful resources to be had for wannabe business people. If you are lacking ideas or strategies to improve your ecommerce site performance, you can use us as a useful resource. We keep updating our content with the latest in ecommerce to help you gain more knowledge about this field.