6 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

Online Shopping Platforms
Online Shopping Platforms
Online Shopping Platforms
Online Shopping Platforms

If there is any challenging hurdle that would put any entrepreneur on their toes, it is the hurdle of creating a unique product or service. So that when a potential client or customer thinks of a product like yours, they remember you, not your competitor next door! The magic of the ecommerce game is to create traffic to you. Sounds simple enough? Read on to know 6 of the easiest best ecommerce solution to take your online shopping platform game to next level.

Make Sure To Blog All Day, Every Day!

Ok, if not all day, at least once a day. This is by far one of the oldest and time tested method to drive people to your site. Irrespective of what your niche is in, start writing. Dive deep into your market niche and create useful and information rich optimised pieces for all to view.

Say Something Nice

A simple way to draw followers or subscribers to your social media page or your website would be to leave a thoughtful comment on pages you come by. You come across as genuine to others, and at the same time knowledgeable. Under no circumstances should you advertise yourself. That’s a cheap shot! In this way you can “steal followers/customer”.

Know when to hop on the trend train and when to get off!

Don’t optimise your articles with trending words only. Add to the mixture, long tail keywords as well. These keywords must be a specific to your niche. This will increase your discoverability and the search engine ranks you higher as a result.

Create Quality Content

I couldn’t have said it better. Nothing beats quality. In the digital sphere of driving traffic, quality beats quantity any given day. Write well researched topics in your niche or product. This makes sure your organic growth is anything but stunted.

You’re Meta Data A-Game!

Your Meta title and description are one of the two things that come across your potential customer when they search for something. Make sure the Meta description is concise, to the point and within the mark of 60 characters. Your pages Meta title must be the short and sweet!There are plenty of tools to edit your Meta data and description. Yoast SEO plugin for Word press websites and Ahrefs are a few to name. You need to edit them for each and every page!

Broadcast Yourself!

Use the many social media outlets to blow your own trumpet. Be it Facebook, instagram, Twitter or YouTube, start creating content and advertise your expertise without shame on them! Begin to be bold, and venture to be wise.

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