Features the Finest Ecommerce Platforms Need to Have

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Ecommerce Platform Features

Even when businesses have limited budgets, they are challenged to make their ecommerce platform the best possible one to satisfy the requirements of online customers. The availability of ecommerce platforms that can be customized, can save businesses the hassle of expensive coding. The majority of these turnkey websites deliver the must-haves, like shopping cart plugins, site search functionality, libraries of templates and themes, as well as business intelligence (BI) and support modules.

Ecommerce platforms also have some cool features, which can make your marketing more efficient and help to offer a smooth customer experience.

Responsive Design for Cross-Compatibility

According to Google, “80% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites allow them to easily find answers to their questions.” Nowadays, most customers have a smartphone. It is paramount to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce website design. If you operate a business, then ensuring that the pages of your online store are perfectly shown on every type of screen and size is for your advantage.

BOPIS Support

Having ordered for something online, many would rather collect it from the nearby company store than pay a delivery fee. Referred to as Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), this idea can be put into action through the platform. The appropriate feature allows shoppers to find which local shops have the products in stock.

User Reviews alongside Star Ratings

Customers also read reviews of other shoppers, and they pay particular attention to star ratings in these before making a purchase decision. Besides giving both types of user-generated content their own functionality, top ecommerce businesses have to choose plugins which pull in opinion from review services, like Foursquare and Yelp.


For an online store, 2FA and SSL are not mere acronyms. SSL refers to a cryptographic protocol designed to enable secure communication between you and the site. Two-factor authentication gives an extra layer of security to the customer sign-in process. Both these help keep your ecommerce website secure and protect the privacy of buyers.

An Integrated Blog Platform

If you wish to build relationships with customers over a long period, you should not separate customer touchpoints to sales alone. A blog is an excellent way to give people insights into your products and keep them interested in your services. It can reduce your bounce rate and attract backlinks, thereby contributing to your SEO. In the end, a blog functionality that is integrated with your website will help engage your audience and boost search engine rankings.

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