How to Improve your Mobile Ecommerce Website

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Mobile devices have significantly changed how consumers search for and shop products today. Reports say that around 45% of all ecommerce sales are done via mobile devices these days, and this number is bound to grow in the upcoming years. This makes it very important to make your ecommerce website mobile-friendly, so that your potential customers can browse through the catalog easily and take the desired action.

It is essential to create your mobile ecommerce website keeping the user-friendliness aspect in mind. This way your site can offer a delightful shopping experience to your customers. Below are three ways in which you can improve your ecommerce website for mobile users apart from simply making it “responsive” to mobile devices.

Focus on the Hero Section

You can easily include all the vital information in a greatly designed hero section. To start, you must have your company logo, hamburger menu, shopping cart, and sign in or register options on the header. At the same time, you should also make the hero image display your latest deals and offers to attract more customers towards them. It would also be better if you include search functionality in the hero section, so that your customers can look for any specific product they have in mind right from the home page.

Try Slide-Out Menu

Your mobile ecommerce website would have a vertical navigation menu by default to make it responsive to all kinds of mobile devices. This is usually a hamburger menu that expands down when tapped. However, you can also include a slide-out menu instead of going the traditional way, which would slide the navigation menu from one side of the mobile screen and occupy the full layout of the app. It is easy to implement using relevant Javascript, and can offer a much better immersive experience to your customers.

Tweak the Image Carousel

Almost all of the mobile ecommerce websites feature a responsive version of the web version image carousel for easy implementation. However, in most cases, the title and description texts become either too small or too big by default. Sometimes, the call-to-action button would also go out of place and become non-clickable. That is why you should fine-tune your image carousel specifically for mobile versions, so that it does not decrease the legibility in any way. You should also make sure to include all the great stuff of your ecommerce website in there as well as incorporate a clean and more minimalistic design to make it look more appealing.

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