Must Have Features for your Ecommerce Platforms

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According to studies, online retail sales are expected to excel than traditional sales in the coming years. Even though e-commerce platforms help improve your business, it has become very difficult to choose one since a large number of choices is becoming overwhelming. Heed to the list of these promising must-have features for your e-commerce that are beneficial for your business.


As long as e-commerce is rising, fraud activities are also seen to be affecting them. Many mobile e-commerce companies face an average of 880 fraud attempts each month, sixty-six percent of them being successful.

You need to make sure to set up strategies for preventing fraud for establishing a smooth and tension-free customer service. If such strategies are likely to manifest more obstacles than bits of help, they cannot bring in better outcomes. This is the reason why you need to pay attention to the security capabilities of your e-commerce platform. With this, you would most likely be able to come across terms such as “PCI compliance and “SSL certificates”. So get familiar with the terms as well as requirements for not spoiling your business for a cyber-attack.

Advanced Options for Payment

If you need to sell something online, you would most likely be able to get payment from your customers. Still, this feature can often get complicated depending on the type and needs of the business. For instance, customers should purchase products in bulk if it is a B2B business. Therefore, e-commerce platforms should give merchandisers the flexibility for setting up complex structures for pricing like discounts based on locations, quantity, special member prices or groups.

For international businesses, platforms that support international payment methods and custom integration are needed since the data model can be extended for covering any kind of payment method. Ecommerce platforms should also let your customers make use of their preferred payment gateways such as Amazon Payments, Simple Pay, Google Checkout, PayPal, etc.

There are various options for online payment available and the key is in knowing which works best for your customers and which fits best for your product lines. Never forget about the ease of using, especially for the checkout process, since it is the step where most users abandon their carts. For putting that into sense, consider Amazon’s one-click option for shopping that enables users having registered accounts continue with their purchases just by one click.

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