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To succeed as a business online, you require sought-after products, the expertise to market these and the motivation to succeed. Every business operating online including ecommerce platforms must have these three things to attain success. Those with a winner’s mentality are always researching, learning and readying for success. It can be quite a challenge to find the right products to offer to customers, though. So we have come up with this list to help business people like you discover trending ecommerce product ideas.


Trends come and go quickly in the world of fashion, which is natural because people’s fashion tastes change every so often. Nevertheless, athleisure is a trend that has become a part of daily life. Athleisure refers to comfortable and casual clothing for use when exercising or doing sporting activities and for use as everyday wear. Remember, clothing is an umbrella term used to describe every textile or fabric item that we wear. So there are many products that fall under the athleisure category. This means your ecommerce business can sell everything from sweatpants and sweatshirts to headbands and shoes.

Besides, you can use many avenues to sell athleisure: a store exclusively for this niche, in a larger fashion site, or sell to a fitness sub-niche. Depending on the way you position the brand, you could expand into some other product vertical, like fitness accessories or jewelry and fashion accessories.


Businesses the world over sell more than 1 billion watches per annum, and the figure continues to rise. In 2018, we saw an increase in the number of very simple style watches. This year onwards, smartwatches will possibly continue to trend upward. The most number of watches is often sold in December, but including a summer accessory would be a wise move to make sure higher profits throughout the year.

Instagram and Facebook are popular channels to grow your watch store. Several retailers have brand ambassadors pose for luxurious and outdoorsy lifestyle photos, which are ideal for marketing on social media.

Minimalist Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is for those who prefer to wear finer items. Minimalist jewelry retailers online have seen strong growth in sales. Google Trends reveals that searches from users for minimalist jewelry have been much more frequent and in high volume. The annual growth rate projected for jewelry up to 2021 is 2%, but there has been a decline in jewelers available.

The best places to find potential customers for trending products such as minimalist necklaces will possibly be on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Videos often get larger slots in the Search page and Explore page on Instagram, which will possibly make your posts more visible. Almost every jewelry retailer tends to post photos of their products in these social media platforms.

Safety Shoes

As per Statista data, the niche of footwear will likely have an AGP of around 8.1% up to 2023. These kinds of shoes are stepping up with regards to searches online and sales, but you can endorse many other footwear items on your web store too.

Besides, you do not have to limit that store to just footwear. Consider expanding your fashion website to include footwear, or expanding with your other seasonal items to supplement your present shoe store.

The sales of safety shoes, especially the ones having steel toes, have been increasing for stores. Trending products such as these are best endorsed on Facebook. Target individuals based on the job they are doing. For instance, a good target demographic on social networking sites might be those working in factories. You can make Google Shopping advertisements for keywords such as safety shoes.

Posture Corrector

As per a Columbia University-led study, people spent 77% of awakened lives in a sedentary or sitting position. On that note, most individuals with desk jobs work on laptops, which cause them to look down rather than directly ahead. Spine surgeon and the University alumnus, Kenneth Hansraj has been researching the changes to the spine, which happen when people look down at their mobile device. Our postures appear to be worsening.

So, for marketers, this is the best time to start selling products such as a posture corrector online. Advertising based on people’s job titles may be the easiest method to market such a product to them. You can make a list of standard desk jobs and then create advertisements detailing the corrective benefits of your product.

In your ad, you might want to include something such as this: ‘Hunched over a laptop when writing blogs all day? Then, try our posture corrector’. In this case, you would like to use job titles as your target keywords like content writer, content marketer, author and writer.

Google’s Trends website shows that searches for such keywords are increasing, so consider starting to work on your search engine optimization strategy.

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