Considerations To Make Before Selecting Your Ecommerce Platform

The popularity of electronic commerce has been increasing over the past decade. Are you planning to start a business with products or services? If you are, you must have an ecommerce website to take advantage of the growth of online sales. You can get the services of a skilled web developer for your business’s website, but the expense that comes with it can affect your capability to grow quickly. Choosing an already grown ecommerce platform will help save your precious resources, time and money.

There are many ecommerce web platforms out there, so how would you tell that you are selecting the best one for your company? Here, we will outline seven things you should think about when seeking the best ecommerce platform for your business.

Cost And Payment

First, you have to think about how much money one of the top ecommerce platforms would charge you. Whether you are a startup or an established physical retail chain moving the operations online, you should know just how much you will pay.

Most ecommerce web platforms charge you a fee on a monthly basis. The costs can differ by the kind of ecommerce platform you will get (hosted vs self-hosted). You also have to think about the platform’s processing fees. Never choose a more affordable platform by sacrificing the features you must have. Try weighing the advantages and disadvantages of every single platform to narrow done your options.

You should think about how customers will pay too. Some ecommerce platforms lack payment facilities through vendors like PayPal, which could be an inconvenience for customers. Never risk choosing those platforms; determine which kinds of payment you will accept initially, and keep this in mind when choosing between different apps.


A different thing you have to think about while at it is the add-ons and integrations of ecommerce platforms. Almost every platform has numerous business management tools. Looking at your business’s requirements will help determine the add-ons that best suit you. When considering different ecommerce platforms, think about which tools you will require for your operation. You have to seek any or a combination of the following kinds of add-ons.

  • Accounting add-ons to make it easier to compute sales, revenues, taxes, and profit
  • Email marketing plug-ins to facilitate communicating to your target audience
  • An online platform that facilitates rewarding people for utilizing your products
  • Applications that help with delivering your items


Any business aspiring to have a strong web presence should make an effort to improve their SEO, including an ecommerce business. Having your ecommerce website rank higher on search engine results pages will be very beneficial for you. You want people to find your website or products when they search for items such as the ones you sell.

The biggest factors to take into account when seeking the most SEO-friendly ecommerce platforms include the following.

  • The facility to include an article into your site;
  • The facility to utilize your domain name; and,
  • The facility for buyers to write and publish reviews.

Mobile Friendliness

Are you aware that mobile users make almost 60% of search queries? These searches tend to lead to a buy. So, you must seek platforms that enable easily accessing your site and purchasing something through internet-connected mobile devices.

Customer Service

This is an important part of all businesses. A conventional retailer usually has more power to determine in which way they operate.

Ecommerce is completely different from conventional business; here, downtime and software outage tend to be beyond your control. Your website-hosting servers might crash when you do not want it to, and this could have a negative effect on both your profit and brand image.

To keep the aforesaid situations from affecting you negatively, be sure that the ecommerce platform you are considering provides round the clock technical service. Having a technician to contact you 24/7 regarding the problem server, will help negate any possible negative effect of the aforesaid situations. Consider the level of technical service of every single platform. Consider in what way you can reach the platform’s service people, how much the service costs, the levels of technical support offered, etc.


Nobody would wish to key in his or her credit card details on a patchy webpage, so security is among the main concerns of customers. Almost every software program has robust security, but check to see whether the platform supports SSL or HTTPS to give customers a secure checkout.

Besides, be sure to select a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant platform.


Every business owner expects their venture to grow, but you might wish to know how much. Nevertheless, you must seek a platform which can be scaled up as your company grows by paying an affordable fee.

You would wish to avoid paying for storage space and other features you will not use at the start.

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