Features That Make Your Platform A Winner

Online Shopping Platforms
Online Shopping Platforms
ECommerce Web Platforms
ECommerce Web Platforms

So, the entrepreneur in you is wide awake and the decision has already been made to start a business – an eCommerce business. You are in a state where it is tough to understand whether you are excited or terrified or both at the same time. It is perfectly normal. It is always the first few decisions that are the most challenging to take. For instance, the type of business or the place or in the worst-case scenario; the perfect name for your life’s dream is tough and important decisions.

With the advent of technology, there are many easy to use eCommerce platforms for you to choose from, each offering a unique set of extraordinary features; it is overwhelming. Let me take some weight off that shoulder. Continue reading to find out the winning features of ideal eCommerce web platforms.

Integrated To The Payment Option Of The Respective Country

First things first, you need to accept payments for the sales you make. This is where a payment gateway comes into the picture. It must be a special processer that is capable of securely transferring funds from your customer’s account to your bank account. Also, remember to check whether this platform supports the local currency.

Multiple Designs

Having a rough idea about how you want your store to look, helps. Maybe you like to have a storefront – a simple, neutral and simple storefront. Or maybe you want your store brightly lit using bright colors and also featuring your products. Can you envision it using the platform you are using? Many eCommerce platforms enable you to play with themes for free. You could use it to enhance your store’s look and feel. Get creative!

Site Security

As a novice entrepreneur, you need to get acquainted with terms such as PCI compliance and SSL certificates, etc. These are important because your store’s security as well as the security of your customers’ information is greatly dependent on this factor. PCI is a security standard that is inclusive of a set of 12 standards for securing the information exchanged through the payment gateway of your choice. SSL certificates come in handy at the time of online purchases.

Online Support

Down the line, if you get stuck, your platform provider must be available to offer you the requisite help and support. It can take the form of phone support, email support, or even chat support.

All the best for your new venture!

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