Should You Implement Organic SEO In Your Online Market Place Or Not? The Pros AndCons

Your company’s services or product amounts to nothing if people don’t know about it. They can only buy what they know about, right? That is where digital marketing begins to play prominence. The world has started to move to the internet. Gone are the days of billboards on the sides of highways. Everyone has their eyes glued to their phones, and you need to advertise where it most matters!

But there are two schools of thought. If you have the time and patience to spare, then it would be more fruitful to go for organic growth SEO. Or else if you want results much faster and more aggressively then, be ready to pay your pockets out with PPC (pay per click).

Our focus however is on organic SEO; why you should and shouldn’t use it. Let’s get started…

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO or search engine optimisation is one of the more effective ways to drive traffic towards your website or online marketplace business. Creating an online market place is one thing, bring people to it is another! With organic SEO your online venture becomes more discoverable and people start to find your ecommerce store more easily when they type in related keywords.

If your website or ecommerce store is in the 2nd or 3rd results page on Google search, then chances of people finding you are abysmal. As per statistics put out by Google, almost 80-90% of clicks go to the first 3 links, 7-17% goes to the next 5 links and the remaining 1% goes to the remaining links on the page. The traffic that goes to the subsequent pages is close to nil!

Organic SEO tactics makes sure that your website is “ranked”, not only in the first page but also at its top! But like all tactics there are positives and negatives. SEO experts have to constantly monitor various updates and change the track while he creative teams have to continually work hard to craft uniquely made, interesting content.

Pros Cons
It is cost effective Takes time
Good quality content shines through Fluctuating results
Stand out from the rest Updates can change everything, anytime

Why You Should Implement Organic SEO: The Pros

  • It Is Easy On The Wallet And Cost Effective

Organic SEO is very cost effective when in comparison to pay per click advertising; especially in the long term. But there is a place and time you would implement both. For big companies and large conglomerates, they have the deep pockets to draw in the attention quickly with PPC. They needn’t be patient, because for them time is money! For start-ups a mix of both will be suitable, with organic SEO being given prominence. Both have their own ways of increasing brand awareness and exposure on the internet.

  • Quality Shines Through

When your target customers and web users find your website, and they realize that the content you put out is of the highest content they will remember you. Like finding a diamond in the rough! Organic SEO will make sure that higher ranking is achieved, but if used with PPC results will be even better; you will be taken right to the eyes of the target customers.

  • Stand Out From Your Competitors

The more the number of pages that are ranked higher than your competitors, the more the chances are that you will be ranked higher than them overall. Make extensive use of the Google keyword planner and Analytics to your benefit, to better understand what is it that your prospects are searching and what are the changes you can make on your website to compliment that!

Why You Shouldn’t Opt For Organic SEO: The Cons

  • Slow And Steady

You are the turtle in the race and not the rabbit, remember that. When you employ organic SEO tactics to your website, you may not see the fruits of your labour weeks or even months into the process. It takes time for you to create interesting, engaging and unique content.

Search engines won’t put your website on a pedestal and give you first place within a week of you trying an SEO tactic here and there. It studies the traffic you are drawing to your website and then based on your website’s relevancy begins ranking you higher.

  • As Fluctuating As The Sea During A Storm

Results will vary and the ranking will change based on the user trends and what is happening around the world. For example: If you’re a company that specialises in winter wear, then the demand will drop and your rankings will go down during the summers. Results are very variable.

  • Rules May Change Any Minute

The big boss in this reality game is none other than Google! They may bring out updates with little to no warnings and this will make SEO experts clamber to decode it. A plan you worked on and implemented over the past months will be made irrelevant by a small update. Absurd isn’t it?

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