Choosing A Distributed Antenna System For A Live Streaming Event

The organizers of an event must enable the audience to stream it live. Real-time video streams bring the event experience to those who fail to attend it in-person. It should then be unsurprising that real-time streaming is essential. It is also very popular. As per YouTube’s data from 2017, mobile video usage increases 100% yearly. This means enabling live streaming must be a big part of every organizer’s list of things to do. Albeit you have designed all other event details, it would count for nothing in the event you cannot offer live streams to the remote audience.

Cellular connectivity plays a big part in events that are streamed live. Without connectivity or when the internet connection is not reliable, the real-time stream of it might not even start. This is where a passive DAS (distributed antenna system), also referred to as a 4G LTE booster, could help. This technology could help to enable live streaming in your event.

Where Boosters Can Particularly Help An Event Organizer

Coordinating a live streaming event is possibly challenging, particularly in remote places that have several natural obstructions and that lie at a considerable distance from the cellular tower. It is possible that many people try to watch the big event live and many people accessing data signals simultaneously would make the cell site overloaded.

A way to deal with these possible issues is by using a cell booster network repeater. It can capture the cell signals that originate from nearby cellular towers through an external antenna, and then route these to the booster box. This component can then amplify the cell signal and redistribute it right throughout the area with a smaller internal antenna. It is possible to increase the signal by as many as 32 times.

There is no need for a sanction from the FCC to use a passive-type DAS, unlike an active distributed antenna system. Besides, it will only take some days to set up the antenna system at the event venue. One of its notable features is that it is carrier-agnostic. This means it can deliver the same boosted signal whether one utilizes a major carrier or a much smaller regional telecom service provider.

Keep Your Audience Connected And Engaged With Boosted Signals

Strong signals will enable your viewers to interact with any event application. People no longer attend a live event just to enjoy the experience itself. Instead, they would want to put out tweets, Instagram posts and stream content all live. So, be sure to set up the DAS there to provide them with quality cell signals for connectivity.

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