Tips For Increasing Organic Traffic

It is not easy to rank high in search engine results pages (SERP). If you are finding it difficult to start SEO or are building on your existing campaign, read the following tips listed by experienced SEO professionals. Even top ecommerce platforms can gain much from these.

Have Your Content Ranked In Google Featured Snippets

If you have ever searched for something on Google, you must have encountered a featured snippet in SERP. It is an abstract of users’ search query shown atop a Google search results page. It appears increasingly often for question keywords, like ‘how to improve my Google organic search ranking’.

Having your content in this section of Google search results is a big achievement for your website. If your website ranks in it, your average CTR (click-through rate) would increase considerably. If your organic CTR is high, there would be more traffic to your website.

Acquire A Running Website And Move It To Yours

This is among the most undervalued SEO techniques. When individuals consider site acquisition, they picture spending much money, but one need not necessarily do so. You can acquire a website for just under $3,000, which is around the amount of money you would invest in a modest campaign for one month.

When site acquisition is done correctly, there is a big ROI to be had over a long period. The following are some advantages of acquiring a website and moving its files to your site.

  • You will get that other site’s traffic into yours
  • The links on that website will be added to yours
  • Your website will have fresh content
  • The position that site is ranked in Google and other search engines for specific keywords will be yours
  • Your organic traffic will improve

Make Your Regular Column Posted On A Trade Publication

Guest posts can help make traffic to your site, but getting articles featured on trade publications will be helpful over a long period. For an uninitiated, the term ‘guest post’ refers to content published on some other website as a guest author. When you give others guest posts to use on their websites, they will have to put links to your website on those blogs.

Thus, you will build a name in the segment, plus could promote new information on your site and have a stream of backlinks pertinent to you.

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