What To Mix With Crown Royal Peach

Crown Royal is the world’s best selling Canadian whisky, with a distinctive taste. The eye-catchy presentation and elegant flavor of Crown Royal Whisky reflect the origins of it. Crown Royal is regarded as the perfect example of Canadian brand whisky.

The brand recently launched its limited-editing product namely ‘Crown Royal Peach’. The Canadian whisky has the flavorful and sweet taste of Georgia peaches. Peach is among the best-known fruits in America. People feel that it pairs well with whisky.

‘Royal Peach’ may not be the most preferred drink for expert judge in whisky taste, but it will find admirers among those who barbecue in the backyard.

Whether taking in the sun during the BBQ or having an impromptu brunch at a rooftop patio, the Crown Royal whisky is ideal for having a good time with loved ones. It is best enjoyed with ice cubes or iced tea during the summer season. It has tasting notes of vanilla, peaches and a trace of cinnamon spice.

It is 70 proof (35% alcohol by volume), comes in a bottle with cut glass alongside the signature bag and box of Crown Royal. The packaging of the whisky honors the vibrancy of peach with a combination of crème and peach hues.

The peach flavored whisky is the best limited-edition product of the brand since it tastes delicious and is just perfect for virtually any summer occasion. Some individuals might drink the whisky slowly, but many cocktail lovers wonder what to add in it to have for their summer event. Crown Royal the brand recommended two Royal Peach cocktails, with the following ingredients.

The ingredients for the ‘Royal Peach Tea’ are 1.5 ounces of the whisky, 6 ounces of iced tea, and a slice of peach and/or lemon. It is easy to make the cocktail. Put crushed ice into a mason jar, and add the whisky and the tea in the aforesaid quantities. After that, mix the ingredients gently and garnish the mixture with the sliced lemon and/or peach.

You need 0.5 ounces of Royal Peach, 0.5 ounces of orange juice, 4 ounces of champagne, and a sprig of mint to make the ‘Royal Peach Fizz’. Add the juice and the whisky to a champagne glass not having a stem. Then, top it off with champagne and decorate the cocktail with a sprig of mint. Your cocktail is ready to serve!

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